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The Nova P600c represents the next generation of the Nova family of LED panels, building on the foundation of high color fidelity, 2,000K~10,000K CCT, and soft light quality while also featuring best-in-class output, and a new suite of professional-level controls.


The Nova P600c is the first Aputure fixture to feature multiple light engines and pixel control. Its multiple light engines can be activated when using the built-in lighting effects, or can be controlled independently via DMX.

KIT Aputure Nova P600C

150,00 €Preço
    • 1 x Aputure Nova P600c light
    • 1 x Aputure Nova P600c control box
    • 1 x Power Twist TR1 power cable 6 m
    • 1 x Aputure 5-pin XLR adapter cable 3 m
    • 1 x Aputure mounting bracket
    • 1 x Nova P600c Hardshell Roll Case
    • 1 x Tripé Combo Avenger
    • 1 x Aputure P600c Softbox
  • Baterias V-Mount

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